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  • Lincoln Woods

    I started rock climbing when I met Ryan. I'd dabbled here and there before but never really got that serious. And then we started.

    Fast forward 8 months later and I find myself in Lincoln Woods, with this crazy-wonderful human. I much prefer long routes to bouldering but Lincoln Woods is a mecca for bouldering lovers. And man is it a perfect spot! It was my first time bouldering outside of the gym. I loved being able to finally breathe some fresh air, take the time to enjoy nature but I will definetly need some more practice before I'm totally comfortable bouldering outside. By the end of the afternoon just watching Ry traverse the rocks with such ease and grace was enough for me. It was a pretty great day: warm, beauitful light, and I was outdoors with someone I love. 

    Added bonus to the evening, (and I have to mention this because I love good food), the unbelievable dinner he whipped up after, as usual. Tenderloin wrapped in proscutto with homemade roasted tomato risotto and kale! 

    SO excited for the season to really kick off and hoping to get, (on a rope), outside soon. Here are a few shots I took when I was too tuckered out to climb and my monkey-man had some extra fun: